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For four or five years I have had a dream of a fine carbon fiber road bicycle – I believe since I first heard of them and lifted one in a bicycle shop.  I have looked at many models and many prices in numerous cycle shops when I travel.  I particularly seemed to focus on a brand called Orbea, made in Spain; my local, favorite, friendly bike store carries them as their top line.  Their best all round racing/road bike is a model called the “Orca” the black and white whales of Puget Sound.  It’s rather like the Masseratti of bicycles.  (And the bike is indeed black and white.)

New Bike

New Bike

Last month I became aware that my local shop had several 2007 models they were planning to sell for 1/3 off, a huge sale in the bicycle world.  So even in these difficult financial times, my temptation got the best of me; I gathered my savings together and took the plunge.  I outfitted it with wireless computer, lights and small pack, my favorite Shimano pedals, built-in mirrors and even a carbon fiber bottle cage.

So now I split my time between feeling guilty over spending so much money on myself in difficult financial times and being in absolute joy over riding such a marvelous machine!  In the hands of a much younger rider, I am sure it would go much faster and perhaps many years longer.  Should I not help a younger rider get to a higher level faster and enjoy the true exhilaration I feel in bicycling?  But then at my age, I may be one of only a few who can afford such a machine.

It’s better than a car, a plane or even a train!  It just takes a little longer to get to one’s destination, but it makes the trip so much more fun and eventful.  You really know where you have traveled and how much energy it takes when you get to the end of your journey!  Thank you for sharing my moment of bicycle joy! (along with my guilt.)  I’ve taken it on two rides since my purchase. It’s quick, hard, responsive ride is unbelievable; it weighs but 16 lbs.  It makes me so eager for the riding season ahead.

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Thu, March 12 2009 » On the Road

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  1. Whitney March 16 2009 @ 11:33 am

    Totally awesome bike dad!!

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