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My neighbors are busy doing something new in their yard. A few days of sunshine got us all out and doing yard work.

The first thing that they are doing is supporting a new local project called Terra Commons.

Terra Commons is a non-profit network. We serve communities by researching, designing, and practicing habitat restoration, sustainable agriculture, and natural building. We believe that our patterns of land use and habitation are directly connected with the health of our biosphere and that of generations to come. Through our connections, we share in the responsibility of positively affecting the balance of economic, social, and ecological systems.

The neighbors have put in a three tiered garden called An Edible Forest Garden

Which involved a card board layer over the grass, layer of compost and a drip irrigation system, finally a layer of wood chips. They have a small yard so there will be 2 trees and lots of bushes, mushrooms, berry plants, tea bushes, strawberries, and a grape and Kiwi Arbor. The ground cover will even be edible with spinach and lettuce included.

Student Interns are doing the installation and getting everything set up. The group has started a BLOG to share their insights and wisdom and show you projects they have completed.

Terra Commons is a way of life.

A road.

Where when we meet someone our heart goes out to them as if they were a brother or sister –
The commons is where our paths intersect and we are one.
Terra is the earth that we walk with,
the soils that make our paths fertile.
Where all people walk equal and strong
Where work is playful and playing can be hard work.
Where the yields are bountiful and every soul is fed
Where there is always a place to rest your head.
Terra Commons belongs to all who are born of this earth – – – and is our choice to walk this path in freedom.

Thought you might like to see some local folks in action making a difference right here.

You can also check out this great City forest project.

What do you think?

Like to hear your comments…

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Thu, April 9 2009 » Discoveries, Inspiration, Links

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