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Energy Ball

By Patricia

Not only do I get constant remarks about the cost of adding solar panels to the house, or new construction, but most folks never mention the extra work involved in maintaining such a house.  No one ever seems to want to know how much money our solar panels are making besides all the hot water and electricity.

Yes, it is more work to hang the clean clothing out on the line or on drying racks.  Yes, it is an advantage to having me work at home so that I can open blinds, close blinds, open doors, close doors, open windows, and close windows as the day progresses.  I can also clean gutters, lint traps, refrigerators, and bird droppings right away and keep them from disturbing the systems.   Yes, I know that Bill Gates house has computers to run all his systems and an operator to reprogram systems as need be, he also has a swimming pool for his exercise and I get mine by getting up and doing the work.

I also grow and prepare 95% of our food which brings us health and balance and even more exercise.

The big LEED Platinum buildings in our cities all need a new kind of maintainer person on staff.  These new employees need to be computer savvy and be able to reprogram building space for 5 folks or more using that space, to be able to make sure the computer run systems are working at optimum efficiency and to be able to program the changes made evident by the data the building generates.  All these things save tons of energy usage, keep people comfortable, reduce pollution and make money for the building’s owners.

And people are willing to do this work and are excited about doing this work – and are getting trained to do this work – whole companies are being developed.

So how do we convince the “common man or woman” to make these changes to their homes and schools?  Apparently, talking about how much money you make and save still keeps fear levels too high?

It does not seem like it would be as easy as hiring a cleaning person or team to come to your house once a week or month.   We all like the idea of an easy button.

The neighbors down the street have just retro fit an older house adding about a dozen solar panels and a wind ball to their rebuild.   People will start getting used to the visual of that structure now – then they will start asking questions.  Then a few, maybe 20 out of 100, will attempt to make some changes.

People still do not understand how to put out their recycling buckets, yard waste cans and garbage cans correctly and just indicate no care or responsibility for their carts.  Will they be able to make these changes?

I have added to my wish list tanks and secondary plumbing to this old house for flushing toilets, showering, and watering with rainwater and a wind ball for generating power from the wind off the Sound.

I am not worried about how much work it will be – I want to make money and keep the earth clean and provide for the next seven generations.  Big Picture Stuff!

Did you know that there is enough snow pack in the mountains this year that the wind turbines in our state can be shut down and are not needed to produce power for California? – We have abundance this year.  We do not need our coal processing plant at all, and we certainly do not need the pollution and health risks.

All of this effort has been achieved by individuals willing to understand and do the work.

What are you willing to do, what are you willing to change?

Some information resources:
American Wind Energy Association
Whidbey Sun and Wind LLC
Home Power
Wind Ball or Energy Ball

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Thu, July 14 2011 » Inspiration, Links

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