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Stockholm Library Render

Stockholm Library Render

Just some other thoughts about our solar panels:
March 2011 was a very, very rainy month as has been since the start of 2011, but the stats for my solar panels was so telling  – with no snow cover during the month at all we still saved 322 pounds of carbon offset which is similar to planting 4 huge Evergreen Trees. Our electricity bill was not huge even with the flash flooding on our street one day and the sump pumps running continually for nearly the whole of the month – and the heat pump. Our panels were still producing power.

Now we just have to give warning that the solar hot water tank when the sun is shining – is so hot and the water comes right away that we need to keep turning it down so that no children will get burned!

There is so much snow pack in the mountains this year, that several of the state’s wind farms are being turned off as there is enough energy even for California!!

How are you doing with your power bills with all this unusual weather?  I would like to know…

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Thu, June 30 2011 » Discoveries

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