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Part of our Solar Panels equipment is a program called Enphase.  One of the jobs of this program is to make sure our solar panels do shut down during a power outage and do not electrocute the workers attempting to restore power to the grid.

Enlighten is a program which lets you connect your Enphase information to your computer.   Now we are talking great fun here.

The program reads about an hour behind the panel’s production.   One can get on and see time lapse what has been happening all day on the roof.

The graph is flat line during the nighttime hours and everyday for 2 hours as the sun moves past the giant Western Cedar Trees in our neighbor’s yard.

We have had a day with heavy, dark rain and some noon time sun breaks – so I chose a 3pm cut off time to share our Stats.

System started producing in the rain at 7:50 am.

At 3 pm the 12 panels looked like this:
#1 =49w             #4 = 97w         #7 = 75w            #10= 102w
#2 =90w             #5 = 58w         #8 = 101w           #11 = 97w
#3= 62w             #6 – 99w         #9 = 80w            #12 = 102w

These are on easy to read graphs which are color coded and moving at a readable pace.

Energy Produced = 58kWh
This could power:  176 light bulbs; 58 computers; or 2 homes for one day
Carbon Offset so far produced = 100 pounds
Offset equivalencies of: Planting 1 tree; not driving 3 cars for 1 day; or not consuming 5 gallons of gas

We find ourselves nearly giddy to check out our stats for each day and relate them to the weather and we have a new found enthusiasm of bragging rights until we sit down with someone with 36 panels and no tree problems.

I have to stand on a small step stool to read the meters outside – this is considerably more fun, thought provoking and certainly drier today!

Doesn’t this just make you wish you had solar panels and this program too?

The Table of Contents (TOC) icon will reveal more talk of solar panels and lots of pictures too.

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Thu, October 22 2009 » Discoveries

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