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I am working on exercising my brain and part of the rainy season is doing some reading.  I was reviewing mostly architectural articles and then my family persuaded me to read Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin

The Day I finished the book Greg Mortenson was on Bill Moyer’s Journal on PBS promoting his new book and schools.   He is also coming to speak at a local high school as a senior project in May 2010.

I enjoyed reading this book.

Why did your whole family want you to read this book?
–    It was a different look at Afghanistan and the effects of war.
–    Mortenson looked at the people and their need rather than the politics first
–    Mortenson came to Afghanistan because of Mountain Climbing – my earliest sport
–    I was amazed at his willingness to volunteer at such an extreme level
What was the most significant idea you took away from reading this book?
–    His vision of the people of Afghanistan was very eye opening and personal
–    Others haven’t presented this vision
–    Understanding people’s goals and helping them accomplish THEIR goals and not dictate our goals.
–    How important educating women is to a society and the development of that society to its fullest potential.
Why is this book an important read for an architect?
–    Totally new way of looking at a green building – simplicity, no luxury
–    Not a great deal of accuracy about architecture – codes very different
–    Good to understand the diversity and situation/culture
–    Green Seismic concerns – bomb concerns – maybe just green because not using so much stuff and computers etc.
How will the read change you?
–    It changes how I view the country of Afghanistan and the war – escalation is wrong.
–    Wanted to change how we assist the people of Haiti in recovery
–    I am reminded to look at Green buildings with greater care and deeper observation. Mortenson did not think so much about design and greenness; he based his concerns on meeting the people’s needs and assisting the meeting of those needs.
–     Working with women and educating women his greatest priority.
–    I am reminded of how important listening to people is – reinforcing how hard I work at this skill.
Why would you recommend this book to others?
–    Exceedingly important because we are at War in Afghanistan
–    Understanding the way to get OUT and how to treat the people as humans
–    Women’s rights and how to negotiate with closed minded people while advocating for others.
–    The importance of personal conversation and listening to others – hearing them
–    All needs are the same for every person….
It was very interesting to me how this man found his life’s work and mission and how it just came to him.

Have you read a good book you would like to recommend?   Thank you for sharing.

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Thu, January 28 2010 » Inspiration

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