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For the past several years I have taken my family cross country skiing on Christmas Day. We take off after a hearty breakfast, drive to the mountains and ski all day. Exhausted and happy when we finally arrive home, we share our seasonal gifts and enjoy a feast of good food.

Tom as Father Christmas

This year I discovered, on my fall bike adventure, the Methow Valley in Washington State and made reservations for the holiday weekend. Nine family members and friends shared the great cabins/rooms at Mazama Ranch Lodge and enjoyed the cold particularly the groomed trails for 3 days of great skiing.

Mazama Paddock at Sunset

We were about 30 minutes away from Twisp, Washington, the downhill ski runs and snowboarding areas. The snow mobile runs were further away and did not disturb the quiet beauty along the river trails. There were dozens of trails to choose of variable lengths – including one that was 25 miles.

Mazama Farm House

The Mazama Valley Lodge is a newly remodeled ranch and lots of groups come there to ski or hike with our without horses in the warmer months. We found the pricing very reasonable and the site very beautiful. There is a deli – store nearby, ski rental shop where one might also sign up for lessons; a meeting area with fireplace and tables to play games. A sign up clinic for a ski and shoot event was taking place on one day of our visit.

The Lodge rooms are designed very rustically and efficiently – clean.  We were able to fit everyone around a table for a warmed up supper and good conversation each evening.

Tom Crosses Goat Creek

Discovering the snow skaters was a delight. They very gracefully glide over the snow and can achieve great speed. I wanted to know more and it made me excited to know that the Olympics were coming to Vancouver, Canada in the coming months.

The Twisp River Pub was a GREAT place for a full group brunch and send off from such a great adventure and fabulous holiday!

Sunrise Over Methow River

Happy New Year!

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