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“At the same time, some of Cuvier’s most wild-sounding claims have turned out to be surprisingly accurate.  Life on earth has been disturbed by ‘terrible events,’ and ‘organisms without number’ have been their victims.  Such events cannot be explained by the forces, or ‘agents,’ at work in the present.  Nature does, on occasion, ‘change course,’ and at such moments, it is as if the ‘thread of operations’ has been broken.”   From the Sixth Extinction

I have come out of the weight of winter and into the garden of spring.  I am busy pruning and mowing and processing the unfolding studies of being confined to indoors.  But Of Course! On every dry day, I am on my bicycle, and even those days of perpetual misting, commuting to work and just venturing forth in discovery.

My most recent read has been a recommendation from THE DAILY SHOW –

THE SIXTH EXTINCTION: An Unnatural History ~Elizabeth Kolbert

This is a scientific tour of the previous 5 extinctions revealed as the author  visited sites that tell the story. The reader travels all over the world and reads the past lessons of the earth’s history.  The story is fascinating and I can see that even middle school students would get hooked on the entertaining stories of the adventure and the history.  Kolbert has a delightful sense of words, humor and stories that would intrigue every mind.  Trips to coral reefs, bat caves and museums of earthy knowledge told great stories about the earth and humankind’s search for understanding and meaning of the process.

The 6th extinction is about what Humans are bringing on and very rapidly.  It is told in solid scientific terms which we all can understand and identify with in our own lives.  It is a terrific read and I certainly think every architect and planner could benefit from the book and assist our communities in making necessary change.

On the heels of finishing the book, it has been revealed that our own City Planning Commission has been holding secret meetings with developers because they are the experts!!!!   What is this?

The Commission is disregarding the facts that our community does not want more automobile traffic, big box stores, and ignoring our plans for reduced pollution and better health.  We have done the studies and the vast majority of our populations want sustainable development.  Years ago we said NO to Walmart and we said developers should be part of the process but the public needs to be the main group.  Yep! SECRET MEETINGS and Developers are the experts – What money can buy…

The other news of March is that we already have a dangerous pipeline which is unregulated in our state – the Koch brother’s railroad system of pipelines for fossil fuels.  Buffet’s Railroad pipeline is up to par and people in surrounding communities are considered HUMANS – The Koch Industries railroad pipeline is just an accident waiting to happen full of sands tar oil from Canada, North Dakota, China and it travels through our downtown, our cities and through the Nation 2 times for processing and shipping.   It does not create jobs – just pollution, health hazards, and danger – and a ton of money for the brothers.

We cannot support this kind of development and would need to find ways to draw into the community even more retailers and traffic – This is the opposite of the plan and the voters decisions.

And on that NOTE, from 350.org (Facebook) and The UN climate Official’s findings:

“There is no doubt that we must stay within a finite, cumulative amount of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.  We have already used more than half of the budget.  This means that three quarters of the fossil fuel reserves need to stay IN the ground, and the fossil fuels we do use must be utilized sparingly and responsibly.”   Christine Figueres,  UNFCCC

“The time for experimentation and marginal change is over.”

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