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I have been working on project interviews lately and highly focused for many hours at a time.  I have found that I am enjoying reading some of the posts by bloggers from other fields of endeavor and I thought I would share with you some of the inspiring ideas I have discovered….

7 Dazzling Ways to Ignite Your Creative Spark

Here is a post on Delightful Work about how your childhood focus can assist in your choices now. Listening to your life work.

Tess on the Bold Life  gave me 40 quotes on boldness that empowered me.

On smiling just because you can The Levity Project

Career Planning Coach Karen Swim writes about Thinking Small to go Big

Lessons learned from Dr. K  on Interpersonal Skills and the Art of Persuasion

Or from London how about 5 Grown up Beers to Drink.  I do not drink beer but the article was fun to visit and explore.

Hope this list gives you some energy and inspiration?  Have you discovered any fun post to enjoy lately?  Inspiring? Change the pace and spiritlifting?

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Thu, July 29 2010 » Discoveries

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