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Pt DefianceNear to the 4th of July celebration for a number of years now my bicycle riding buddies and I have done an 86 mile day ride to PT. Defiance on Puget Sound and nearby Tacoma, Washington.   There is a huge park at the Point and also the Zoo.  When we rode into the park this year, THE TASTE OF TACOMA fair was in progress.

John, Dave, Paul, Stephen and I, made the ride this year and we took all the back roads and enjoyed so many great views.  There are a couple of good hills that one must muster.  Even with growing up just 45 miles away, Dave had never been to Pt. Defiance before.  It was nice to see our journey with fresh eyes.

Stillicoom PubWe usually stop in Steilacoom near the ferry terminal to have lunch and we did just that this year also. I think we were having such a good time this added  90 minutes to our adventure.  Yummy food too for hungry riders!


On the actual 4th of July we are gathering for a BBQ with our families and that will be fun also.  We are going to take Yakima Organic Cherries to the festivities – Rainiers and Bings

Do you have a favorite ride or a traditional ride that you do with your team or family?  Do you think 86 miles is a good day’s ride?

STP 2013 is on the 13th of JULY – I am nearly ready to go.  Already done a couple 126 mile day rides.  I think I will do the STP 204 in about 13 hours – if we do not have blistering hot weather.  This is how I have celebrated my birthday for the past 14 years.

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