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Bainbridge Island, Washington February 28, 2010 was the first Cascade Bicycle Clubs kick off event for 2010 and I was there.

It was a nice 50F degree day and we had no rain.

I had fallen the week before as a runner ran into me and I into him on the sunny Sunday afternoon, so I was not riding my Orbea but rather my commuter bike – that felt good also.

The Biker Boys met and carpooled to Bainbridge Island for the 32 mile event. It is very Hilly and there were so many riders that on many of the hills one had to get off the bike and walk it up to make progress!

The island residents were out in full force and giving new meaning to lemonade stands – lots of brownies and treats being sold along the way.

Here are a group of pictures from the Seattle Post Intelligencer Newspaper that I thought might give you a great visual of what 6,000 riders look like crossing on the ferry!

After the ride, the Biker Boys drove to Poulsbo, Washington and found a favorite Mexican Restaurant. As luck would have it we got to see the US- Canada Olympics Hockey game and the exciting finish before we headed home.

Was this a perfect day or what?

Did you see the game? Are you starting your training and springing forth?

Here is the story from the Kitsap paper.

Here is the story from 2009 Chilly Hilly when only 3,500 folks rode in the event.

My youngest daughter and I are starting to get our legs in condition for the 200 mile Cascade Bicycle Clubs Seattle to Portland (STP).

See all the events and newsletter.

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Thu, March 4 2010 » Discoveries

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