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The following statistic was quoted in 2 different speeches I heard this past weekend and it made an impression on my mind; rather like the little tune that plays over and over again all day long.

First World nations such as the United States currently eat up far more than their share. The Sierra Club notes that Americans represent five percent of the world’s population but consume approximately 25 percent of its resources.

It appears to me that we are greedy on so many levels and just as when we consume too much food we are now uncomfortable – even miserable- and diseased because of it.

So is it just a matter of cutting our resource consumption?

…Here is a link to a blog with a superior, comprehensive list of ways individuals can make a difference. The post is From Waste to Resource.

I also found this delightful reference to a news reporter’s valiant attempt to assist us in understanding what is at issue and then a short discussion about how the math is correct but it may not truly represent the solution. From the Energy Collective where the consumption problem is the Candy Bar Diet detailed in terms of Candy Bar Consumption! Or Energy Consumption LITE.

I don’t wish to think in terms of being on a Diet, because that just implies you practice a certain way and when you resolve the problem you go on your way or back to the old patterns. I don’t even want to think of it as a LIFESTYLE change, the new food euphemism to think about dieting for the rest of your life in order to be healthy.

It is more looking at what is the bottom line/core that is REAL and HONEST and then living your best life there.

Using just the energy and resources that one needs to live and live well; being in an earth Community – Connection?

One group of cells is not superior to another – we are all connected masses of energy? What makes our Gluttonous Attitudes better than all the others?

Do we need to redefine our foundations? What do you think?

Even switching to Wind Power and Solar Power are we still not just consuming and consuming, maybe with less emissions, and yet still consuming.

FYI…we have now, with the assistance of some better weather dropped our energy consumption at our home, another $40 (we are still paying an Enron Legal Fee so the actual bill total is high) and have moved the bar graph down to levels that are the lowest ever in 22 years. We were going for a 30% reduction but are now approaching 50%!

Are you doing something that is working for you and lowering your energy consumption?

Looking forward to comments and idea sharing.

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Thu, April 23 2009 » Inspiration

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