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I am feeling a bit discouraged about what to write today.   I have just heard that another Green, local and wonderful business is closing.   The perception was that this store was too expensive because local products and sustainable products are just too expensive at initial purchase.

To me this just displays more ignorance and short sighted thinking.    Why are people not being educated about how to choose products, what questions they need to be asking, and how this will play out in the future – with our children and the earth in mind?

If you think buying from a box hardware store is cheaper you are very wrong.   As we are working on replacing our 20 year old oven, we have had to go to one created in an energy efficient country.  Yes the price is initially more expensive, but the savings with use is profound.  They have an actual warranty beyond 5 years, and this oven is not just a bling – looking appliance that has any kind of rating or longevity – so in 5 years I would be replacing this oven or trying to make do.   All of the ovens, at the big box stores price tags were much cheaper, but they did not reclaim your old oven, except for huge fees and in 5 years we would have created another landfill donation, with big fees attached.  Oh but they have that energy star rating.   In the USA that just tells you it will not do what it claims to do – like the washing machines that do not clean.

It has taken a great deal of research and a large number of conversations to finally make a choice that is worthwhile and will contribute to our lives and our dedication to the planet and its future.

At the store that is closing we found  countertops, that are made of a recycled material that does not pollute in the process of making it and is absolutely stunning and unique – original and not copycat Brazilian Granite!

So why are not more folks out there teaching and sharing this information?  Why are the parking lots of the big box stores full and the green store going out of business?   Because people do not know, and we are told to buy and buy and buy to save our lifestyle and our country;  why are we so addicted to this bling and why is it so hard to think these things through?

Where are the real leaders?

As I worked to answer these questions and figure out what action to apply, I went back to my source and found inspiration….Well, I am talking about JD Meier’s Sources of Insight Blog…and here are the highlights of my reading there.   Why don’t you head on over and check it out – lift your spirits and ignite your actions to make the world a better place…see you there

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Thu, November 10 2011 » Inspiration

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