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By Patricia

hiking boots

The biking tour fellows are having a great time and a good adventure.  When they arrived in Mazama, WA., the whole town was having a pizza feed and they were invited to join in and be a part of the gathering.

It was a hot ride to Ellensburg and then a lovely canyon ride by the river into Yakima the next morning where they spent a day regrouping and doing laundry before heading off to White Pass.

They have been on the road 10 days so far.

It is anticipated that there will be 3 days of no cell service so I do not expect to hear anything until tomorrow.  I am a bit disappointed to not get pictures yet as one rider has his ipad on board.

The panniers are working well, and the tortillas were a good lunch idea but they are too heavy for their honey and peanut butter pickups.  Consuming them as quickly as possible.

There are several bikers and teams out riding and the group keeps making connections with them – and sharing ideas and pointers.   It is a fun group.

For those of us just staying at home – I thought I would share Terrill Welch’s Saturna Island, British Columbia hike in stunning photographs with you.

Don’t just sit there, grab your water bottle and pull on your boots…!

What adventures are you having and garnering refreshment and re-creation from?

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Thu, August 25 2011 » On the Road

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