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House Plan

House plans are some of the most important parts of living.  Not only from the idea of building a new house or structure, but also to incorporate changes and meet new needs in your existing structure.

As we approach the holiday season, lots of my clients are contacting me for a new set of drawings, evaluations, or plans to make changes to their homes.   Some need new heating systems and want to make changes that will make their homes more efficient and sustainable.  My neighbors are now caring for a young grandchild and one of their mothers; their home needs to be modified.  The role of the architect is to keep current and help the client anticipate what will be required to make their homes not just a patch job, but a testimonial to their lifestyle and a virtue to an ongoing community.

House Plans are important as our family contemplates how long we will live in this house, what repairs will need to be completed – like replacing our 20 year old professional oven – and how the kitchen and other rooms in the house will be used in the future.  Will this house become a model home for the future or will it be an eye sore and a problem for the community?

House Plans are about research and communications.  Yes they are, about digging in and sticking with the conversation until all the questions are asked and satisfied.  House plans are important to the neighborhood and community, just as caring for the trees, native plants and wild life that share your space.

Are you cleaning  your gutters and the storm water drains in your neighborhood?

I thought I would like to share with you a link to a solid decision making model that our family has used for the past 34 years and it has assisted us in making value oriented, cost effective decisions with our house plans

How to Make Decisions and Change

What considerations are important to you as you make house plans?  What are your life style considerations and personal style when you are working with your house plans?

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