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October 22,2009 We had our Enphase program on the computer and we were able to see how we were doing for our first month with the program.

Here is what I wrote then: October 22,2009 Stats

We have had a day with heavy, dark rain and some noon time sun breaks – so I chose a 3pm cut off time to share our Stats.
System started producing in the rain at 7:50 am.
At 3 pm the 12 panels looked like this:
#1 =49w             #4 = 97w         #7 = 75w            #10= 102w
#2 =90w             #5 = 58w         #8 = 101w           #11 = 97w
#3= 62w             #6 – 99w         #9 = 80w            #12 = 102w

These are on easy to read graphs which are color coded and moving at a readable pace.
Energy Produced = 58kWh
This could power:  176 light bulbs; 58 computers; or 2 homes for one day
Carbon Offset so far produced = 100 pounds
Offset equivalencies of: Planting 1 tree; not driving 3 cars for 1 day; or not consuming 5 gallons of gas.

We find ourselves nearly giddy to check out our stats for each day and relate them to the weather and we have a new found enthusiasm of bragging rights until we sit down with someone with 36 panels and no tree problems.

I thought you might be interested is seeing how we are doing on 11 February 2010

The day started out rainy and windy  and then about 11am we had a glorious sun break….685.6w at the peak.   Now the sky is covered in black clouds and you can feel the pressure of the rain about to begin again.

Month’s energy produced so far  19.3kwh

Aren’t those sun breaks good?

We have generated 357# of carbon offset. Which is the same as:  630 light bulbs;  running 208 computers;  6 homes; planting 4 trees; not driving 11 cars for 1 day or not consuming 18 gallons of gasoline.

With the loss of our microwave oven we can see the energy usage of our household going up about $40 a month.   We had 9 people here for a week between Christmas and New Years and that entailed lots of showers, cooking, and laundry.   Our bill for the month of January 2010 was $206 dollars, which included a rate hike. December was the highest energy use of 2009 (and it was very high as we were in deep freeze) and September was the lowest month’s use for 2009.

We do purchase most of our power from Green Power and Wind farms and that is a bit higher in cost than traditional rates too.

We are still using drying racks and not the dryer – well the kids use the dryer when they are home!

We did not fly to any place exotic and feel like we put our funds into the right spot.

Have you tried some new changes in cutting your energy usage or going greener?

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