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Cascade Bicycle Club’s new newsletter arrived and it had just a giant pannier load of spring information.  I have gotten in a couple of bike rides already this year as the weather warms up.

What I found most interesting was the Streetfilm.org site  and I watched Stephanie’s Story in San Francisco right away.

Then I clicked over the menu bars and spent about an hour reading blog posts and watching top films like this one about Ciclovia: Bogotá, Columbia

I thought I just had to share this information with others – what great ideas and plans abound at this site.  There are recent articles about the transportation budget and what local communities are planning.

About Streetfilms – In their own words:

Streetfilms produces short films that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play. We package complicated and wonky concepts into easy to understand and accessible videos which are freely available online.  Our nearly 350 videos have been viewed over 3.5 million times and have inspired action and behavioral change worldwide.

Streetfilms broadcasts the powerful voices of leaders and innovators in the livable streets movement.  Such leaders include Enrique Peñalosa, Jan Gehl, Donald Appleyard, Janette Sadik Khan, Donald Shoup, Earl Blumenaur, and many, many more.

Streetfilms is a project of OpenPlans, a non-profit organization that informs and engages communities through journalism and open source software.”

Could you use this information in your neighborhood? Do you know of other great sites like this one?   I would like to know more – how about you?

Just FYI our spring tour 2011 has been moved from a May start date to August 10th start date – too much snow in the mountains and the weather needs to be better for 2200 miles.

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Thu, March 24 2011 » Inspiration, On the Road

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