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solar-panelHere is the jealous part:

I have been researching solar farms and their functioning and the complaints and I wandered into an amazing collage of images about the German Solar Farms and the satisfaction the Germans are enjoying.  There was even a write up about a whole city which pays no power bills because all the public buildings such as schools, hospitals, and city hall produce enough power that the citizens pay nothing for home power usage.

There are no recorded complaints about the solar or wind farms in Germany, including no health related claims or complaints to be found.

We were hoping to have more wind, wave, and solar power in our vicinity and yes the local public library is fully up and running on solar, but we have a long way to go here and keep getting blocked by the Tea Party and the Coal and Oil folks and their greed.  Now the Germans are going to build the largest solar farm in the world in Georgia (USA) and make money off of Americans that way!

Can you feel my jealousy?

I think I need to drink some of my clean water and take a few deep breaths of my clean air.

I cannot have some of my wonderful deep water salmon to eat, because Monsanto has released too many of their “Frankenfish” into our coastal waters and the out to sea fish farms are full of sea fleas and chemicals they cannot filter or clean.  Just imagine what a coal or oil spill would do to our water and our food supply!

The excited part:

Then I got extremely excited when I discovered I was not alone in trying to find clean fish. Actually, I became extremely excited about sharing this TED talk of 18 minutes from Chef Dan Barber about his search to find clean, healthy fish for his dining pleasure.   He has very dry humor so I think you will enjoy this video very much.


Spain’s Sanctuary and Water Filter project is pretty amazing


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Thu, February 6 2014 » Inspiration

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