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By Patricia


This is what I have been thinking about while the Biking Architect is off cycling.  I have been thinking that the architectural providers need to look closer at water and the earthly relationship to water.

I know that there is a worldwide shortage of clean drinking water.  I know that we use clean drinking water to shower and flush our wastes away.  I know that our local treatment plant (LOTT) has a new Platinum LEED building and a huge education center and they clean the water and then use it to water the grass and gardens in the city.  And, I was just in a building in Tacoma, Washington that had reuse water in the bathrooms.

I want to look at water from another view.  I am a very sensitive person.  My body speaks to me with headaches and inflammation and pain when it breaths in, lives in, and ingest things which it will not tolerate.

I grew up on clean, pure artisan well water.  I believe this is why I survived my childhood.  Seriously, I think this was a vital element in what helped me to grow and become.

Now our water comes from a spring a few miles away and there are so many people that the water is chlorinated and I have purchased an expensive charcoal/ electric water filter to clean this chemical out of my drinking and cooking water.   I have a chlorine restrictor shower head also.  I can smell and get a headache from chlorine outgasing from people’s clothing (laundry products) and house cleaning products.   My children suffered allergy attacks from cleaning products. My ovarian cancer was formaldehyde consequential and my fat is storing toxins.

We are allowed in the USA to bring anything into our own homes that we want to – and apparently people want to, because toxic chemicals and cleaning products are purchased at a high rate in this country – along with the perfumes to cover up the chemical smells.  Then we drink caffeine to dull our senses and make us artificially feel better – or create a sugar high.

Many bottled water companies just use regular tap water in their products. BPA in the bottles.

We are chasing feeling good, but we have lost the definition.

I have detoxed my system of mercury –  and now even wild, fresh caught salmon is too toxic for me to eat.

I have another concern surfacing:  synthetic estrogens.  I have been researching for nearly two weeks everything I can find on the subject.  Now estrogen occurs naturally in the environment and our bodies sometimes have trouble dealing with it but synthetic estrogen is another problem area.  We know that it increases the risk of breast cancer for women and men.  Many industrial and agricultural chemicals are synthetic estrogens. We know it is in chicken to plumb them before sale.  We know it is in birth control and hormone replacement therapies, and we know that it is used in other prescription drugs and medications.  We are creating new learning problems in children; a new dementia.

What we may not be aware of is that it is a huge pollutant factor to our water and it is not easily filtered out –  Our Sound and waterways are being inundated with this carcinogenic pollutant.

Then add farm runoff, industrial runoff, and chemical runoff and our water ways hardly stand a chance.

I believe the architect and the planners need to add this information to their information systems for clients.  I know this will be hard…

I just listened to a family member who constructed a permanent structure on their beach property and had to use special products and plant hundreds of beach preserving plants shout out: “No Governor is going to legislate whether I can use my chemical fertilizers on my roses or that I have to remove my roses from the beach property!”  “ I am not going to pay someone to learn the environmental rules they are enforcing.”

So I would just like to say that some of us on this planet are already having major issues with our water and the pollutants.  We are being sickened and our children are being denied health and are having learning problems.

I think we need to insist on more green – more living buildings more education and as a group architects need to blockade any building of more toxic sites.   No matter the complaint about expense – we need to educate for the future as often as possible.

What did you do today to make the water cleaner?  To Educate?  To Inform?

I am living the experience and I want my children and grandchildren to have a future and I fear it is almost too late.

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Thu, August 18 2011 » Discoveries

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