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An old statement by one of my former partners has been hanging around in my mind for several weeks.  He thought, 30 years ago, and stated often that Sustainability was just a passing fad.  That is not something that I have found to be true.

I am not alone; I was exploring Brightwork’s  new post and found this partial  definition from a Professor at Portland State University which I like much better.

sustainability – a concept that recognizes that economic, environmental, and social facets of society are interwoven, with the health of one mutually dependent on the health of the others.

With the concerns I have about what our legislature is doing these days, what I learned from the Tacoma Planning Council, and with my goal to keep my practice GREEN and sustainable,  I have been researching keywords and concepts that are resurfacing and need some new attention to their transformations.

In the midst of this review I recalled David Korten’s fairly new book:  Agenda for a New Economy and his premise about how this crisis is truly an opportunity to make the world a better place.

Trying to solve the crisis with the same tools that caused it is the definition of insanity….
Real wealth is, first of all, the tangible things that support life-food, shelter, clothing. Of course, the most valuable forms of real wealth are those that are beyond price: love; a healthy, happy child; a job that provides a sense of self-worth and contribution; membership in a strong, caring community; a healthy vibrant natural environment; peace. Our Wall-Street-driven economic system makes fantastic amounts of money and actively destroys all these many forms of real wealth.

Wonders never cease, one of my favorite books ECOTOPIA has just been re-issued.  This is Ernest Callenbach’s 1975 vision of a sustainable community formed after Northern California, Oregon and Washington State ceded from the union.

The Brightwork’s article has even more links worth exploring and finds a slick way to add Ecotopia to their thinking also.

Good to know that I am not alone in my thinking.  I enjoy keeping my contemplations up to date and moving forward.

One other resource I like to keep up with is YES! Magazine

Keeps me feeling positive and connected.

Have you read either of these two books?   Have you changed your thinking on sustainability? Or refreshed you knowledge base?

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Thu, February 25 2010 » Discoveries

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