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cold-leafThere are moments in my life which are dull and grey or I feel envious of an others’ work or success, I believe everyone has these moments and they can rapidly fill up the pages of our thoughts and control our thinking.  I do not wish to get stuck in these moments or walk them into dis-satisfaction or inertia.  I often find doing something a bit out of the ordinary can spike the color right back into the rainbow of my activities and energies.

Architecture is often “feast or famine” work.  There have been lots of days of famine in the field for the last few years, I must go further out on the limb and reach for something NEW  to heighten my awareness and energies.

I purchased a new book about reinventing your business and this has been helpful.

I found these two posts on Facebook recently and they inspired me to stretch further – I thought they might stir your creative thinking a bit too as we enter Autumn’s turmoil and transitions?

August 2013

Sometimes it seems as though things come with great difficulty, as though I must fight every inch of the way and yet gain little ground. Then I realize how my attempt at controlling things and the expectations I create are perpetuating this reality. At other times, when I follow an impulse that comes from deep within, I catch a glimpse (each time a bit longer in duration as I grow) and see things unfold in magnificent ways and almost without effort. All of this serves to remind me of how limited our perspective can be.

September 2013

For as long as I can remember I have held the view that in order to achieve any worthwhile goal, I would have to work very hard. If I wanted to have enough free time and money so that I could do things I enjoy, then years of hard work and sacrifice would be a necessity. This deep-rooted belief has been part of how I have identified myself and how I wanted to be identified by others. I have now come to see that this is false, or perhaps backwards. Up until recent months I have lived like this: I must “have” this or that (money, time, job, or fill in the blank) so that I can do things that will help me “be” who I desire to be. What I have come to learn is quite the opposite. I must “be” first, then the “doing” and “having” will follow. There is work to be done, but it is inside of me.

If this makes sense to you, then maybe you’re in, or have been, in a similar place.

Keith on Facebook 
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What do you do to stir your mind or activate the creative flow of your work?

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Wed, September 25 2013 » Discoveries, Inspiration

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