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Last night was our annual meeting for the AIA Southwest Washington Chapter.  We met at the Washington State Historical Museum in Tacoma, Washington and caught up on all the legislative progress and chapter events from 2010 and looked forward to 2011.

Kevin Cavenaugh, a designer from Portland, Oregon who is just back from being on a Fellowship at Harvard was our key note speaker.

Cavenaugh designs small businesses and residential buildings keeping GREEN and RECYCLE right at the forefront of his vision and efforts.   He puts a great deal of effort into celebrating the community he is involved with and designing for – LOCAL, local, local is on his mind.

He is always re-inventing himself and his vision as a personal challenge and he brought that new challenge and thinking to the architects gathered in the room.  He had lots of praise for the code and work ethics happening in the Pacific Northwest.   The folks at Harvard are so caught up in traditional thinking it is very hard to change the rules and design like we can in the NW.  So keep challenging the thinking and the design rules and make them work for the greater future of us all.

You can check out his exciting new project at http://chatterbox.typepad.com/portlandarchitecture/2008/03/kevin-cavenaugh.html

There is still time to invest.  14 Parcels

Cavenaugh is going to use old Middle School Cafeteria trays for siding on another project!

His failure building just got a LEED Platinum designation and he is learning greatly from all the mistakes he made on that project:  Burnside Rocket Building and Restaurant

Ode To Roses’ Building houses his office.   and has won a Merit Award for Innovative design and energy efficiency from the AIA.

Dr. Jim’s Really Nice project is about taking an old downtown car dealership and creating a communal kitchen for 4 restaurants and a coffee shed.   It would be a cross between a food cart and creative restaurants.  With outdoor seating and indoor seating for 10 tables – it would cut out the weather hazards of the food cart businesses and still create an inexpensive food venue that was right in the heart of the working district. It recycles an obsolete building and creates energy and invitation to people for connection.

So how are you re-inventing yourself as a designer and keeping it GREEN and LOCAL?  Is it a celebration?

Do what you love with enthusiasm and enjoy the bumps and lessons along the way – catch some of Kevin Cavenaugh’s enthusiasm and spirit and see how you can make a difference.

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Thu, February 17 2011 » Discoveries

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