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poppiesEvery year I go to a number of new product meetings.  I get credits to upgrade my license and keep current and I go to information meetings to learn about changes and details.  I am teaching one client at a time and adding to the designs I am creating one project at a time.

At one seminar, an engineer shared with us the list of new products that had to be designed and developed in order to complete a Living Building Challenge Project.  This fellow had 22 people working over a year to research and find people and companies to make the products that they needed to complete the school on time and within the required boundaries and scope.  They had to educate many managers and company CEOs to what they needed and how the products needed to function and with a bit of “push me pull me” everyone designed and developed the products which were needed.

Now a group of folks want us to help them complete the next phase of their energy efficient co-housing project.  They want to complete the plans as they designed them a number of years ago.  That is fine, but it seems like we need to share with them the 100s of new possibilities that have been designed and created to help them be even more planet friendly, energy efficient, hypoallergenic, and carbon clean.  Such as, the new ductless heat pumps which can provide larger spaces with extremely cost effective units that will only cost $160 a year to heat and cool the buildings.   We have the test results and are now using these products in our projects – folks are very happy with what we have learned.

Designing a school or classroom with these new ideas and products is a way to educate.   The people who use these buildings will believe this is the way to go and to be part of the future.  Most people do not know.

It is still primarily just one on one education; how can we expand that?

20 years ago we got a documentary about the future of the transportation industry and showed it to all the middle school students in our district.  One of the statements in that film was that the Federal Government was predicting that most 6 year olds would never own a personal car in their lives.  Our infrastructure has not kept up with that model, but I do know of a number of those students who are choosing not to own a personal car and have designed their lives around that concept.

Do people you know understand that biologists are involved in the design process of many buildings now?  Does your city council, school board, and leadership understand all the new ideas and designs?  Do the contractors understand the new products and design needs?  How are the codes changing to meet these new understandings?

I think we need a way to teach and disseminate more of this information.  Folks are not so afraid when they can see and understand.  They often do not know what they do not know –  are not looking either.

What are your ideas on getting the word out?

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