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May 2009 of the National Geographic Magazine truly caught my attention: GREEN ROOFS

On the cover is an ICE BABY Frozen Mammoth and that story is quite exciting too, but down at the bottom left corner is the title that truly captured my attention.

“Chicago North American’s leading ‘green roofs’ city” is front page picture for this article. The city was having such problems with water runoff and staggering temperatures on their buildings that the Mayor made a monumental decision. “

There are fascinating pictures of many sites such as:
Art and Exhibition hall in Bonn, Germany
New York City Apartment complex roof
A Hospital in Basel, Switzerland
Bus Sheds in San Francisco and Silverton, Oregon
Ford Truck Plant in Dearborn, Michigan
Architect Justin Bere’s new solar home and office roof in London
Rice Field garden in Japan – growing Hakutsuru sake
Vancouver Fairmont Waterfront Hotel ‘s Kitchen garden producing $16,000 worth of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and honey each year – on the roof.
Vancouver Library Building

Although the roof is about 3 times more expense to install it will save much more money than that long term.

It will keep nature in the city, lower 150F rooftop heat waves to normal temperatures, helping to restore and enable birds and insects back into a health community, and reduce waste water runoff while cleaning and filtering the water.

This is exciting to read about and implement within the design process.

I believe Oregon’s new Incentives program is really boosting their efforts in transforming their roofs to GREEN and alive.

What about you? Have you worked with this green roof concept and construction?

These folks (Ron Schwenger and L. Eric Dahlberg) gave a wonderful presentation about Green Roofs they have designed in Seattle and Vancouver, BC.

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Tue, May 19 2009 » Discoveries, Inspiration

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