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Several years ago I found myself in Denmark to visit a daughter who was studying there and I discovered what has become one of my favorite spots. Just North of Copenhagen there is a wonderful ode to design and innovation: the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art.

It has been some time since I have been back to visit and I have not been following the flow of exhibits. But just about a week ago I found out a friend was headed to Denmark and she asked if there were any ‘gems’ she should go see. I mentioned the museum and she thought she would look into it.

Yesterday I received a long distance phone call from Denmark. “This place is fantastic… Thank you for directing us here.” I was quite taken aback that she was moved enough to pay long distances charges just to say thank you. So I googled the museum and found, to my surprise (though I shouldn’t have been with the climate summit meeting there later this year), that the primary exhibit is an installation called Green Architecture for the Future.

The purpose of the feature is to look at sustainable design and the inventions, materials, processes and architectural methods that will be used to build the future. I found what little there was online to be fascinating and wanted to share… please go explore. And if you just happen to find yourself in Copenhagen I would highly recommend a visit to this wonderful museum.

Louisiana Museum: Green Architecture for the Future

Louisiana Museum: Green Architecture for the Future

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Tue, July 28 2009 » Inspiration

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