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Architects Unite – I think we need to pull together a Green Salon.

Salon: a fashionable or elegant assemblage of notables (literary figures, artists, or statesmen) held by custom at the home of a prominent person.

A Green Salon of Green folks in our communities – City council members, urban planners, realtors, school children, and architects – to name a few. Those who would like to define the Green adventure in our locality. Get a conversation going and ongoing.

Why would notables from all over the globe not wish to join in the conversation? Share green endeavors from their communities? Is this not already happening on blogs and magazines now?

I don’t find the discussion unless there is a rally cry for political action or voting.

I am finding on all the blogs I read just reports of what folks are doing. The conversation, discussion and dialog are missing.

There are six ways to problem-solve the lack of discussion:

  • Circumvent = avoid and show you are too busy to be bothered
  • Accommodate = submit to the idea silently and without protest, comply or do nothing
  • Compete = we all know this works best in sports arenas but not always so well in discussion because someone has to lose.
  • Compromise = I give a little snippet, you give a little snippet and we play the game well to a tie – but then we both have to lose a bit too.
  • Collaborate = we all win because we are looking for the greatest solutions in this case for planet earth.
  • Collude = secret agreement for fraudulent reasons or personal gain.

So how do we get a collaborative discussion Green Salon going?
Let’s talk here and shout out to others to join us…?
Seems like that is how communities are stepping up and problem-solving into action…
What do you think?

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Thu, February 5 2009 » Inspiration

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