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I ride my bicycle or walk to work year round.  I don’t mind the rain and wind and have a shower facility at my office if need be.  Actually, at my office we need bicycle racks to hold all the bikes that are ridden to work so that they don’t need to take up hallway space – or end up in the conference room!

How about you are there lots of commuting riders at your office?

My wife did an unofficial survey on her walk home on May 7th.  It is a slow go uphill to the traffic circle from downtown.  About 500 feet up from Sea Level and then another 300 feet to get up to our home.  My wife moves slowly approaching the traffic circle and often counts or thinks of other things as a distraction.  On the 7th she decided to count vehicles on her ascent.  I thought her stats were interesting to share, so here goes:

118 Single Occupancy cars came down the hill during her walk up
19 Double occupancy cars passed by (some had more passengers than just 1 and driver)
6 Walkers came down the hill.
3 Walkers were headed uphill.
71 Bikes were ridden down the hill!    (The most she has ever counted before is around 20)
1 Bike passed her, a tandem with what she believes was a Father and young Son on the way to school – or daycare?


Does your city have a biking commuter Month?  Are there office contests for biking commuters?

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