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Bike LogoMILLENNIAL CITY: How a New Generation Can Save the Future ~Dennis Walsh and Glen Hiemstra A BOOK REVIEW

“’The future is not what it used to be.’  Laura Riding and Robert Graves first wrote these words in 1937, but they could have been writing about today.  Here in the second decade of the 21st Century their statement seems prophetic.  The world is not like we expected when we looked ahead to this century, back in the 1990’s. We are confronted with some very profound questions about how we are going to create a better future, if we can.”

Dennis Walsh is a sustainability futurist, journalist who researches how green businesses can assist in the restoration of the environment without compromising core business value and increasing future long-term profitability.  He lives now in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada.

Glen Hiemstra is the Founder and CEO of Futurist.com he is also a consultant and was a College Professor educated at Whitworth College, U of Oregon, and U of Washington.  He currently lives in Seattle with a wife and 3 Millennial age adult children. Author of FUTURE INTO REVENUE and STRATEGIC LEADERSHIP: Achieving Your Preferred Future.

Dennis Walsh sent me a message on Linked In and asked me to review his new e-book about Millennials.  I had to purchase the book myself so when I said I would review the book, I could choose my date and location for the review.  I think this book works best on Biking Architect and I can highly recommend it to all my readers.

So 56% of the world’s population groups live in the city, which is rapidly rising to the 96th percentage because cities are where talent wants to be and where talent attracts Millennials to work and play.  They even want to grow their food close to their living arrangements and have it easy to obtain – and healthy.

The Ford Motor Company at the turn of the 20th Century needed to train assembly line workers and teach them how to live within their means (Great new historic novel covers this – my review of THE NEW MEN)  That is definitely not what we need today and into the future.  I think the Millennials as a group are having trouble picking careers and work because they have not been taught to be big thinkers or to figure out their talent and what they like to do.  They are not exposed to enough of what challenges them and supports their energies and their futures.    This is very different thinking and the schools are losing students by not advocating for their futures – Hey folks! Manufacturing jobs are not coming back, there are so many more jobs and experiences on the horizon and not enough talent prepared to move forward into these positions.

I will use this book when I am talking about careers at the local schools and the environmental meetings – How architects plan for the future?  We need to plan and we need to prepare, because the next generation is moving up to the challenge and running right on past those standing in their way.

I believe this book is also for older folks who are stuck with old ideas.  They avoid change, often computers and concepts about the future, which will affect their lives tremendously.   The elders need to explore their environment and celebrate their talents and GET OUT OF THE WAY of the Millennials.  We need to learn to code, fix our own computers, program our own entertainment centers, eat local food, vote for the future, and enjoy what the talented up and coming folks have to offer.  Knowledgeable chearleading and encouragement are vital to the future.

We need to stop being in denial about the earth and it’s future.  Resistance and fear are STOP ACTION commodities.   We just spent trillions of dollars on a fossil fuel war which did not stop the future from arriving at all – actually we cheated the Millennials;   if we had used that money instead to put solar panels on every building in the USA, taxpayers would be making $169 Trillion dollars in income!

This is a very positive book…Extremely easy reading and could be read and enjoyed by everyone who is living into the future.  (Well then again, maybe not Congress – they are celebrating feudalism and Greed)   Architects can definitely benefit from this read and be more helpful to clients in planning for the future.

Millennials will be more community oriented, already are, and more interested in good communication skills and less individualistic.

Very interesting short video on the Futurist site, one might also enjoy.

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