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I came home from work early the other evening because my daughter and her friend were here for dinner.

It was just so great to have company and such good hearty food from the garden to enjoy.

The evening was lightening up my spirits and relaxing the tension from my shoulders.

When sudden out the window a flash of yellow darted into the Gravenstein apple tree, then another and I think I saw 4 altogether. We all got out of our chairs and our guest knew the name of the birds and identified them as Wilson Warblers – possibly on their way to winter in Mexico.

Then the sun broke through after a couple of gray misty days.

The colors were dazzling and there below the branches of their dance were a pair of Chickadees enjoying the treats in the sweat peas.



I felt grounded and as though the world was going to turn around just right – I had a sense of joy that has been missing from my life for quite awhile…Nature in her wisdom had brought me home.

Song: audio

Chickadee: audio

Does nature offer up joy for you? Do you take the time to enjoy? Are you so busy these days that these moments pass you by?

Just thought I would share a bit of the joy that just came to me- deep breath, sigh, and enjoy!

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Thu, August 12 2010 » Discoveries

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