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My wife keeps emailing me posts from J.D. Meier’s blog site, it gives me a moment or two to tease, I have found a great deal of useful information and have pursued and followed through on a number of Meier’s suggestions and found them to be invaluable.

I would like to make an introduction:
At PM Skills for Life Meier’s takes one through how a Project Manager at Microsoft step by step proceeds on a project from inception to a clean finish. Then he gives us insight into how to use these steps in our daily living. I found the brainstorming and discussion modes to be challenging motivation for looking at the projects our firm is undertaking and how to use this format to bring new clients into the discussion and produce more possibilities for their projects and educate about sustainability and green design.

At What Is a Frame, I found a frame of reference to assist me in changing my focus and being more productive on my current project, Green Roof in Progress , where I am being the Construction Architect and balancing the questions from the construction team and consultants with the designers of the different segments of the project, along with several client groups. Everything helps when the pace turns relentless as it does
occasionally on these new and innovative projects.

Meier’s says in his opening:

At Microsoft, we use the term “frame” or “framing a problem” in the context of project management. You might hear somebody ask, “what’s the frame?” or “how have you framed the problem?” A Frame is simply a way to partition a problem. The heart of a frame is coming up with a context to understand the dimensions that matter and figure out how to prioritize and scope. I use frames a lot here on Sources of Insight to chunk bigger problems down, as well as to organize and share information. It’s a lens.

Everyone loves a good story and if it relates to the project they are undertaking or it adds to their understanding then it is valuable. At Stories Leaders need to tell Meier’s explains the need to get personal and to make emotional touch stones with a client through story telling.

One needs to listen to the client’s story. Stories can build and create or they can go on and on and turn another cold to what they wish to accomplish.

Here’s a shining example of how Meier’s takes his ideas and work strategies and works them into real scenarios that assist people in expressing their ideas and accomplishing their best intentions and goals without rambling on or loosing track.

I like J.D.’s precision in his chunking down the facts, such as here is his “take away Key points” about the story:

Here’s my key take aways:

  • Use stories to help people think, feel and act. Stories help to share the emotions and context beyond dry facts. People can connect with stories at a deeper level. People can also tell and retell stories to spread the message in a simple and effective way.
  • Tell your personal story. This is the story where you share what you care about and what makes you tick.
  • Tell the group story. This is the story where you create an identity for the group.
  • Tell the dream story. This is the story where you paint a picture of the future.

Stories are a great way to share and inspire. Everybody likes a good story. The trick is to make the stories relevant and connect at the values, hopes, and dreams.

Meier’s tag line is “Standing on the Shoulder’s of Giants” which brings me to his posts by guest authors, his sharing of seminars he has enjoyed and participated in, and then his powerful “chunking” down of key strategies and points of his favorite authors and positive thinkers.

This is generous information sharing at it best…and I wanted to make an introduction to a fine online resource, teacher and guide.

Wander over you will soon discover why this resource attained 1005 subscribers in just a few months time. I am impressed and want to share my gratitude for this helpful resource.

What did you find when you went to explore? The archive section is quite an experience – did you find it to be also?

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Thu, July 30 2009 » Discoveries

2 Responses

  1. J.D. Meier August 4 2009 @ 12:32 am

    Hey Tom

    Thank you for your extremely thoughtful introduction. I especially like how you shared your experience with the blog. Your frame, precision, and depth reflect a seasoned and organized mind.

    My blog is a perpetual work in progress, so it’s great to see your take on things. It sounds like the key theme of “standing on the shoulders of giants” resonates. As much as I like sharing my lessons on the job, I also enjoy sharing wisdom of the ages from books, people, and quotes. It’s an endless supply of insights and actions.

    I like your focus on your blog. Several of my friends are avid cyclists, and biking was one of my favorite passions growing up. I spent a lot of time exploring the roads, and pushing my limits. I also like the idea of renewable energy and I’m a fan of renewal. My Dad worked at a company that pioneered early solar energy reuse, and one of my Uncles re-engineered inner-cities to reverse decline and promote growth and revitalization.

  2. Tom August 10 2009 @ 7:57 pm

    Thank you for your comments and coming by – I get a few views each week on this blog site but the reads build up over time and that might promote your good information sharing too.

    My wife and daughter do most of the work on this site and pass on good information to me which they discover. The blog was my Christmas present from them.

    As we work on keeping the office up and running during this economic pinch, it has been important to keep looking forward and setting new goals. Your enthusiastic efforts have given us some fresh new ideas to discuss and share.

    Thank you.
    I am going on a major bike ride in September around the Cascades, folks are joining us for a day or a weekend along the way. Maybe you will consider partaking? We are posting the schedule this week? Just a thought.

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