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With 60 days in a row of straight rain and we out did ourselves on energy production and carbon offsetting in our 100+ years old house.

We have only used 2/3 of a tank of gas in our family car since our fill up in February.  We do not use our dryer – we use racks and we cut out 4 weeks of going to the grocery store to assist our budget – we made do with what we already had and were paying for storage for (freezer and pantry).

We followed the Carbon Fast for 45 days and discovered we had already done everything on the list and many of the items for 30+ years.

We have also made very good soil with our worm boxes and composter – and no added chemicals.

We pruned the trees to that they are healthy and so they do not block the solar panels.

How did you offset your carbon uses?  Have you discovered anything new?

While we have ignored the Kyoto Agreement, Europe has been moving rapidly ahead – London is the champion of large cities and they are doing amazing things and creating lots of new jobs.

Powering whole communities – off the grid.

We would enjoy hearing from you and what you are doing at home for the environment.  Is your home an environmental assest?

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Thu, May 5 2011 » Discoveries

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