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In the past decade or so environmental awareness has soared. The average person on the street is far more aware of what global warming is and its base causes. This has resulted in widespread community recycling programs, water conservation campaigns and a multitude of like efforts. However, for most folks, there still seems to remain a great disconnect between their life and the global problem.

I think a large part of this has to do with accessibility to not only information but proactive technology. Much of what exists is too expensive, too much work and simply not feasible for the majority of the population.

It is this issue that makes me excited when I see something like the recent article on GE’s Smart Grid net-zero energy home. The article describes a number of items GE is actively developing to create net-zero energy homes that are within the price range of a much larger percentage of the populous.

The system described by the article presents an option that not only includes energy efficient technology and energy production but educates the user to their energy use habits at the same time. Are our houses getting smarter and so can we.

I’d like your input… What developing technologies have you excited? What has/would enable(ed) you to make the switch in your own life? What technology would you like to see developed?

GE Net-Zero Energy Home Diagram

GE Net-Zero Energy Home Diagram

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Tue, July 21 2009 » Discoveries

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