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The 12 year old Bianchi bicycle is being taken apart in California to be shipped home.   It has done a great many miles and been a good part of my team.   It was my ‘party favor’ for my partner’s 50th birthday!

I had an older Raleigh and I bought my wife a French Motobecane Touring Bike instead of an engagement ring 35 years ago.  They were good bikes but we traded them in to get our oldest daughter a bike of her own.

Old Blue Bike has accomplished:

All the training rides and commuting for all its lifetime. I carried the kids on the back and taught them how to balance on a bike with this bike.

The frame is sturdy and stout

The derailer is now damaged and no longer replaceable – we will have to do something different to keep it my local and commuting bike.  The one shift lever broke off due to stress.   Cannot shift the gears – from 18 gears to only 5.

I do not think there are any more tours for Old Blue Bike.  I am awaiting its arrival home and thinking about the repairs.  Riding my Orbea for the time being.   Saving my money for a new touring bike.

Which bike do you think would be the best replacement bike? Recumbent or upright?

How’s your relationship with your bicycle?

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Thu, October 6 2011 » On the Road

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