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Olympia View

As the view is now

Exciting news for the folks working on the Capitol Vista Park project! The owner of the building known as the MISTAKE BY THE LAKE in downtown Olympia, Washington has created an offer that allows the The Trust for Public Land to purchase and demolish the empty, damaged building which obstructs the view to Budd Inlet and the Olympic Mountains.

The work is not completed but now a bond measure for $12 million can be voted upon, which would demolish the buildings and create the extended downtown park and of course the view!

This would cost the property owners about $37 a year for 20 years.   81% of the voters want the Capitol Center Building torn down.  12% want the building turned into a Convention Center and hotel.   75% want the area converted into park and 25% want to extend the retail district downtown and create housing even if the new construction would block the view.

The new view can be seen in the rotating header on the Capitol Vista Park Website.

This is definitely a dedicated and persistent group of individuals – and has the possibility of creating something of worth and beauty for the future.

“These option agreements and the polling results are two of the most significant events, thus far, in our campaign to create the PARK.  This campaign began with widespread community concern regarding plans to intensively develop the Isthmus with high-rise condominiums.  This concern led to the successful citizen’s initiative that gathered 5000 signatures in September 2008 to study the feasibility fo creating a park instead.  Today, we are closer than ever to protecting and perfecting the views to and from America’s most magnificent capital campus setting.
The Olympic Capitol Vista Park can be the legacy gift of this generation of Olympians to the people of Washington State.”  (Jerry Reilly, Chair Olympia Capitol Park Foundation)

You can learn more from this group at  http://www.capitolvistapark.org/ and subscribe to their newsletter at their email address: vistapark@capitolvistapark.org

What are you working on to create beauty in your world?  Lots of folks working on your vision?

Looking forward to your comments:

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Sun, July 1 2012 » Discoveries

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