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By Patricia

fall leaves

It is after the storm, and I have spent my entire morning cleaning storm drains.  Yesterday and for the proceeding three days, I have been out in the wind and rain cleaning these same storm drains, because they are boiling, full of mud and leaves, flooding the streets, and  dangerous.

5 huge fir trees have been removed from our neighborhood, one fell down, and the others were suffering or causing problems.   These giant trees drink up about 500 gallons of water a day.  Did the folks who owned these trees have a plan in mind to deal with all the extra water runoff?  Apparently NOT.

The city is busy taking out dead trees and planting hybrid street trees, which lose their leaves.  Apparently our neighborhood does not know they are responsible for removing these leaves from the gutters and drains in front of their houses.   If the renters do not take care, then the owners must come and take care.   If you are away, then just as one stops the mail service you find someone to watch your drains and remove those leaves.

These actions build neighborhoods.

I know my city is working hard to educate folks to these things and they have school children marking all the drains to let folks know that this run off is hurting fish and wildlife – DO NOT PUT CHEMICALS ON YOUR YARD which can run off into the Sound.  There is a banner across a major street downtown talking about leaf removal from the drains.   FOLKS ARE NOT GETTING IT.

It will raise your taxes if the city must hire people to do this work for you.

In this State, Folks did not understand the Bond development measure on the ballot.  They just saw it as maybe more taxes.   The Bond was for updating the public schools and making them energy efficient and removing asbestos and allergens, this task completed and the tax payer would have saved lots of money in new taxes.  A BOND MEASURE is a way that people can invest their money and get a return on their investment.  I was given several Municipal Bonds as wedding gifts and wow are they paying out good returns,   I would have purchased School repair BONDS in a heartbeat to invest in my community . Better than Wall Street.

FOLKS DID NOT UNDERSTAND – and the fear drones were clogging their ears.

I thought Architects were supposed to be the VISIONERS of a community and strengthening the community, not just dilly dallying around with creative design and showmanship.   Why are the members of our City Council going to the BIG City to get new designs and answers?

I am so proud of one of our district architects running for Mayor of his city.   Where are the rest of you?

One lobbyist cannot educate an entire legislative body.    Competition only works sometimes; Collaboration is nearly fool proof.

I believe architects are the backbone of the recovery in a community and that means they need to Educate and Instruct and get out into the public eye.

The Biking Architect used to do a program at all the high schools at least once a year.  No one is asking any more.  My neighbors do not understand their civic duty – I think this is a call to action

Got a rake?

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