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I thought our research and information letter about getting PV Solar Panels on our house was very interesting and informative!

I am going to post the results and readouts today and on Thursday so you can see what our measurements found.

My next plan of action is to talk to the Credit Union and work on getting some Green Grant Funds.

It is exciting to see we are on target.

The following is an excerpt from our solar report:

Solar Obstruction Data

Solar Obstruction Data

The house has good solar potential. With the existing trees and structures, the potential is ~ 80%. If the large tree does end up getting removed, the potential goes to ~ 88%.

I would recommend placing the solar hot water panel on the western most, south facing roof, and plumbing through the attic as we discussed – through the hip roof and down through the pipes to the basement. Because of the length of the run, and the transitions, I would estimate the project at $8400. This would be a completely installed and operational hot water system.

I would save the eastern most south facing roof for future solar PV. From my measurements, you have room for ~ 2kw system. A 2kw system would cost ~ $18K completely installed, operational, with production and net-metering in place. I can do a detailed pay-back analysis for the solar PV, but from experience, the 2 kw system would produce ~1900 kwh per year, earning $285 annual production incentive, and off-setting your energy bill by ~$190, for a total annual return of $475.

For now, please review the attached report, and let me know if you have any questions.

The site survey fee and consultation is $95.

If you would like to proceed with either system, we can waive the fee and I will write and present a formal proposal/contract.


Kirk L. Haffner, M.S.
South Sound Solar

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Tue, June 30 2009 » Discoveries

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  1. Patricia June 30 2009 @ 9:54 am

    Excellent job IT girl! Looking good here..
    now just need an intro to Thursday Thank you oh wonderful master of the Internet 🙂

    Patricias last blog post..PV Solar Panels on Our House Update Report

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