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By Patricia



The Biking Architect’s Orbea bike is back from being repaired.  One might recall that back in the spring of 2010 BA was out for a ride and a jogger on the trail made a sudden U Turn and both jogger and BA were knocked to the ground and road rashed.    The amazing wonderful titanium framed bike also sustained an injury which needed to be repaired.

Expensive toys need expensive repairs.   The bike could be shipped off to California and the frame remolded for under $1,000 and 3 months time or a new frame could be purchased for about half price of a new bike. Our dream bike was shipped off to California for what turned out to be 6 months because of confusion about how the repair was to be paid for – so just prop it in the corner and forget about it was the outcome – who would have thought that a simple phone call could have cleared up this issue in about 5 minutes?

Well, dream bike in now back home and repaired and the statement paid.  It is not going to be ridden on the Biker Boys tour of the San Juan Islands (no time off work)  nor the Tour d’ Lakes 2 day event (knees are still healing from August jogging fall and stitches removal – no time to train).  In another couple of weeks, it will be ridden to begin getting the muscles back in shape and keep the body in form on every clear day possible.

I overheard a great bike discussion this past Labor Day between BA and a retired social worker who is just back from biking in France and I thought I would share the highlights:

Old Men Need Fancy Bikes Because:

  • –    They can still go fast
  • –    It keeps their muscles in shape and joints lubricated
  • –    It keeps them out in the fresh air and close to the sights
  • –    They can participate in touring events and club events
  • –    Biking is a great way to see Europe and can be taken on trains
  • –    They can always be in training mode
  • –    They do not shuffle when they walk
  • –    They can plan adventures with other bikers
  • –    They can enjoy the scenery
  • –    Better rates on their health insurance plans
  • –    They can prove themselves
  • –    They can be better stewards of the environment
  • –    They can stay active
  • –    They can keep a running list of all the good spots to eat and drink beer (without the beer gut)
  • –    Cheaper than a sports car
  • –    Cheaper and more conducive to harmony than a mistress
  • –      Just for the pure JOY of it!

What would you add to this list, besides I hope a good chuckle?

You might enjoying reading this list from Dreams on Wheels 2

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