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Conway Summit California

Conway Summit California

I am home from the Sierra Cascades Bike Tour of 2011.  My good old bicycle is being taken apart in California to be shipped home.  It may take a lot of work to get this 12 year old work horse back in shape.   I only had 5 gears left after a pack cord broke loose and damaged the derailer – we had to improvise.   One of those work horse Armadillo Tires also shredded to bits on the last couple of miles. The handle bars are twisted from a fall and the brake lever also was damaged. It was a tough last couple of days of riding.  But Oh MY!  What a spectacular ride it was.

Here are my 5 first lessons learned from this adventure

  1. When you face a great distance to travel that might be overwhelming, you need to take it 1 day at a time and feel the success.  Step by Step.
  2. I was able to get very organized in my packing and gear placement; thus I was well balanced on the bike and did not lose anything.
  3. Doing big climbs, one needs to break it down into pedal stroke by pedal stroke.  Start by setting a pace one can maintain for a long time and go at the pace you set.  Forget about the others.
  4. When you ride a bike on a long journey, you see many more things; you are more a part of the place and your surroundings.  Heat, observation and awareness.
  5. One has to be more flexible as a team, a group, because you are dependent on each other and the competition factors need to move to collaboration = wanting success for everyone.

I also learned more about some beautiful places on this planet such as the Lassen Volcanic National Park and surrounding Mountain Range.

Have you done a bicycle adventure?  Are you planning one?  Does this idea inspire you?



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Thu, September 29 2011 » On the Road

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