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Mountain from the road

Mountain from the road

Most recent update from the Sierra/Cascades Bike Tour Group is that the mountains are high and very beautiful.  As I write the fellows are ascending the highest pass Tioga – 10k feet –   and are descending into Yosemite National Park.  They will be in the park approximately 3 to 4 days.

The group is still taking lots of pictures, have traded books they are reading, one has suffered a yellow jacket sting, a bit of road rash, and  some tight ham strings are creating a bit of a problem.

Snow Park

Snow Park

The greatest fun is that the intrepid 3-some have been joined by more folks.  2 brothers are doing part of the journey together from the Canadian Border to the Mexican Border; they have added to the adventure.  Then a Dutch couple in their late 20s have been included in the ride, they are taking 2 months to do this trip and took a side trip for several days in San Francisco.

One single fellow who is on the same venture has also joined the group.

One of the brother’s wives arrived last night to switch out some gear and deliver food, so she is going to use her truck to take everyone’s gear up to the top of the pass and lighten the loads for such a huge climb.

People have certainly been one of the best parts of this adventure… and then there is this yellow wild flower that is just everywhere on the California end of the journey and it has a lovely fragrance. The group is working on getting a picture of it.

It was delightful to meet Barbara of Blogging Without a Blog and we are in her debt for helping us with pictures.

I think they are having a fabulous time and having a great ride experience – 10 days to go!

Hope you are having a good ride?   Have you met friends along the way on your journeys? Any bees? Not to mention road rash?

Local Produce

Local Produce

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Thu, September 15 2011 » On the Road

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