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Last night was our local chapter meeting of the AIA (American Institute of Architects). It was our annual meeting and we enjoyed a lovely evening with dinner at the Washington State History Museum.

It was great to hear how the Grassroots Conference progressed in Washington DC and about how much attention was paid to our delegates by our representatives and senators – even during the major Nor’easter Snow Storm.  Fascinating to see who ignore us and who just sent token folks to participate.

The major program for the evening was a presentation by the  very knowledgeable folks  from the Tacoma City Council and Planning Department talking about all the major city changes and the planning being done for future projects;  the nuts and bolts of how to have a successful and completed project within their city.

My brain just wrapped around our local lobbyist’s presentation and how our State Legislature is working right now.
I had no idea such gigantic amounts of money is being spent to overturn the Green Codes and  Policies of our State and who was spending all that money.

The assumptions are that if they defeat these codes then any one can draw up a set of plans and be “shovel ready” with their next project or junk construction concept when the money arrives.

There is a lack of education here – because just this kind of action will keep the state from getting any of the money to reboot the economy and get us back up and running.

Shovel Ready means we have all the design completed within the GREEN CODE and POLICY regulations.  All the engineering work has been completed, all the workers assessments,  and all the paper work completed.

Projects without LEED certification and architectural design and planning will not be funded and will not be shovel ready.  Thus delaying recovery by as much as 2 years per project; one needs to think of the backlog and logjam of paperwork to receive the funds.

Since this is a short session, we need to get a group (PAC) of architects meeting and teaching our legislators right now.

Architects should be incredibly busy right now preparing cities and counties and local businesses to be shovel ready and know the Green Codes.

Because we are switching from  a Greed based construction model to a GREEN Based construction model and creating jobs and work for years to come.

The stimulus money is coming to GREEN PROJECTS and CONSTRUCTION.

People need help getting the vision; ARCHITECTS are the visionary experts and planners.

This begs the question how am I going to create and teach the vision of GREEN CONSTRUCTION and the future?



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Thu, February 18 2010 » Discoveries

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