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Although it has been a very cloudy rainy spring, I am ready to put up the exterior skylight sun screens.  I figured that just as the summer solstice came I believe the summer sunshine will arrive too!



I also wanted to check on our production of solar energy from our panels as our payment check from the Energy Company will arrive near the end of July.

Our Personal Achievement:  besides a lower bill and hot water



Energy produced  966.9 kWh  over 10 months  and 164.2kWh this month
That could power for 1 day:  2,9230 light bulbs or 967 computers

Light Bulb

Light Bulb

The carbon offset equivalency = 19 Trees planted or 85 gallons of gas not spent.



The Enphase Community has generated   16.6 GWH

Which is the equivalent of:

  • Taking 2,280 cars off the road for a year
  • 1,030 acres of forest planted
  • Avoiding production of 11,923 metric tons of C02
  • Consuming 27,728 barrels of oil
  • Of powering 565,190 homes for 24 hours.

I was impressed and am still excited about taking the risk for the solar panels…

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Thu, July 1 2010 » Inspiration

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