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Just check these articles out and see if you are amazed.

I know that we have been discussing in our community the many oil trains and Rail Cars which go through our downtown and the increased traffic.   We also witness all the explosions and fire bombs happening in even larger numbers each year.  We know that China may be out of the fossil fuel business very soon – within 5 years?  We know the old fossil duffers are trying to build coal ports and are just going ahead and creating obsolete venues right now, and we know 82% of the people in the State do not want to continue with these fossil fuel problems.

The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has targeted our legislative body and state for control and under cutting all the independent voters and progressive voters even liberal voters.

We need to get louder and counter the noisy claims of the old fossil duffers who are not green except for making money.  We need to focus folk’s attention in a positive energy.  Let’s Greenly Make More Green for Everyone – not just the duffers.

I went looking for some positive solutions and I was not disappointed.  Facebook sent me 1 right away –Fantastic!

Dutch Wind Turbines to Power Electric Trains
This is a You Tube Video (7 minutes) that is about the prototype roads and the results (You can find pictures here: http://www.solarroadways.com/hirespics.html ) And these Solar Roadways are now possible and could get us totally off fossil fuels and clean up pollution –  and no snow shovels!!

So did you get as excited about these concepts and ideas as I did?

But what if those trains are using the inadequate rail cars with the highly flammable oil going through your downtown?

Will you sign our petition?

The Sixth Extinction
Celebrating a Solar Remodeled Bank
How are We Doing With Our Solar Panels?

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Wed, May 28 2014 » Discoveries, Inspiration

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  1. DBM Solar March 21 2016 @ 7:06 am

    This project would be great and interesting when it is done. Conducting a solar powered train can be hard to achieve. But as to every technology, if we put it to good use, you’ll never know what you can achieve. It’s great sharing your article so that many people would see and if they agree to approved this project.
    DBM Solar´s last blog post ..DBM Solar Raises The Bar in Solar Design

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