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Northwest EcoBuilding Guild Seminar was May 21, 2009.

I went to hear Kirk Haffner (MS Physics – UW 1996, Solar Enthusiast & Installer) from South Sound Solar speak about New Incentives and New Technologies.

My partner has wanted and requested Solar Panels and Hot Water heater for years for her birthday and for Christmas and the news shared at this seminar made me truly consider putting these requests up on the list and following through.

Here are some of the incentives:
30% Federal Tax Credit is now available
Washington State will have no Sales Tax for at least 3 years.
More money will be paid to you if you purchase your panels from a Washington State Manufacturer (Only one company so far is up and running and they do not have approved panels – YET)
Puget Sound Energy charges its customers 9-10 cents per Kilowatt Hour; you will not pay for that if you are producing it. Any extra power you produce, PSE will pay you 15 cents a KW Hr up to $5,000 a year. This could go up and up over the years as PSE has raised its rates 8% a year for the last 3 years.

A 1 KW system will take 6 panels and pay for itself in 13yrs.

The Pacific Northwest is an ideal region for Solar Panels because we do not get too hot. When it is too hot then you lose a great deal of the efficiency.

Wind power is not so good for our county because we generate wind at about 5 miles per hour. To get windmill blades going one needs consistent 10 mile an hour winds.

#1 passive solar devise that will save you the most money is a clothes line! This got a big laugh!

clothes line

clothes line

One needs an architect in retrofitting a building for passive solar benefits of structural changes, windows, building envelop, insulations and exterior shades.

More to come in the next posts.

I put in a call to Kirk Haffner right away.

What do you think?

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