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I wanted to share with you the products we are using on our own solar projects and give you an opportunity to see what is going on as of this time.

The project is hoping to be completed by September 8, 2009. This is what the Contractor from South Sound Solar is planning, but there are usually delays with Puget Sound Energy and sometimes the electrical engineering “sign off”. We will think positively and work on not being disappointed.



Solar Hot Water Panel & Heat Exchanger: Heliodyne

Today, harnessing energy from the sun to produce hot water is easier than ever. Heliodyne offers systems that use solar energy to heat your water easily and efficiently. Government agencies also offer rebates, making solar hot water systems affordable for everyone. Consider installing an environmentally-friendly Heliodyne solar hot water system in your home.



Solar PV Panels = Sunwize

Here’s a calculator for looking at your residence.

We were not able to get panels from Washington State so our local tax rebate is not part of our cost.

Panel Racks = Unirac
This was a fairly detailed site and I ventured around quite a bit to learn more – interesting.



Micro-Inverters (PV) = Enphase
I could not find one that was called Enphase but this looks like what I saw going up?

We also put a specialty switch on our panels that would shut off the relationship to the grid during a power outage – so that if the folks were busy fixing a power outage and had the lines shut down our panels would not be shipping out power and create a possibly fatal scenario – Important safety features.

This project has also inspired a huge attic clean out, which my partner was hoping would happen for awhile – so there have been some added benefits to the project not planned for but which took several loads to charity and made everyone feel happier.

A new meter will be installed soon to measure the energy produced onto the Grid and the energy usage in our home

This has been the right thing to do and feels very rewarding.



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Tue, September 1 2009 » Discoveries

2 Responses

  1. Andy Wappler September 1 2009 @ 9:26 am

    Puget Sound Energy is glad to help customers “go solar”, and now has more than 450 customers with home or small business PV systems.

    Please visit the “For Your Home” section at PSE.com and look for “Customer Renewable Generation” for more on our net-metering and production metering programs.

    Andy Wappler
    Puget Sound Energy

  2. Tom September 1 2009 @ 11:04 am

    Andy Wappler,
    Thank you for your comments this morning – as you can see we are making progress – hope South Sound Solar can get all the permits and inspections done so we can get up and running

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