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Ed Mazria of Architecture2030 put out a bulletin today that I thought was well worth reading so I wanted to pass it on to you and the website if you do not get the newsletter already.

Mazia’s article is called:
A Hog in a Tuxedo is Still a Hog: The NAIOP Disinformation Study

The well researched article is about a study that was done that is supposed to prove that even a 30% reduction in building energy use is impossible. Remember the Architecture 2030 program is about a 50% energy reduction in buildings. To achieve this goal the building codes need to be changed to reflect the energy reduction.

This is already happening in other parts of the Globe as a matter of fact those areas without dirty coal, natural gas reserves, and mythical money for oil are way ahead of the US in making the changes and figuring out what is best use and healthiest use for people and the planet.

So a real estate lobby group put together a study of 2 mythical buildings and gave no blind test information to the analysts who then were to write a complete study based on impossible data collection and this came out in the New York Times.

In Mazria’s words:

“In other words, NAIOP intentionally kept out of the analysis all the readily available low-cost, no-cost and cost-saving options to reduce a building’s energy consumption. This deliberate omission is glaringly apparent in their press release and in the NY Times article. In fact, they take so many inexpensive, energy-saving options off the table that it is impossible for the imaginary building to reach commonly achievable energy-consumption-reduction targets. They then add an inflammatory headline to their press release, “Results show efficiencies unable to reach 30 percent mandates”, and state that, “The study provides an unbiased insight into the energy targets practical to commercial development today.”

“Clearly, this study is meant to confuse the public and stall meaningful legislation, insuring that America remains dependent on foreign oil, natural gas and dirty conventional coal.”

I would like to steer you over to the complete article and information links so you can see for yourself.

Here is another area for education teams – the public needs to know.

How will you want to counterbalance this information?

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Tue, March 3 2009 » Discoveries

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