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Old Refrigerator

Old Refrigerator

This is not about the bicycle part of my adventures;  this is about the green endeavors.

Our 33 year old refrigerator, out in the garage for garden produce as the freezer part never worked well, really gave up the ghost and some kind of liquid (Freon?) all over the floor.

We called the Appliance store where we purchased it and they would not recycle because we were not purchasing a new one.  But they told us to call Puget Sound Energy before we paid someone to take it to the landfill.

We did!

Puget Sound Energy has a recycling program and they pay an incentive fee.   We set up an appointment; washed and dried the old frig inside and out, and then kept it running.   We took the escaping fluid to hazardous waste management and they accepted it.

The truck came right on time and several forms were filled out and a check will be mailed to us in 4-6 weeks to say thank you for recycling.

80% of the old machine will be recycled and we have already noted a drop in our power bill because it was not very energy efficient in this day and age.

Great Idea and Concept and we were happy to participate.

Do you have a good recycling of appliance program in your area?  We also have a used construction materials store, which we have taken a number of items there such as old windows and door knobs and extra flooring material.   Recycled lumber store? Recycling made fun?

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Thu, July 15 2010 » Discoveries, Inspiration

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