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fireworksThe start of a New Year and some work is starting to come in  – some fairly substantial work it is indeed.   We take a deep breath of relief and offer a sigh to our surviving through the last storm.  I have been catching up on my reading and looking at workshops and educational classes I want to attend or participate in for the coming year.  I am looking at other people’s goals and ideas and following up on where my curiosity leads to new discoveries and wisdom.

I just would like to share several moments of gratitude with you that have come my way:

The first is that 10 years ago the local people would only hire the BIG BOYS with HUGE firms to do the local work.   Now much of that work is having energy and sustainability problems which are causing financial problems to the local folks.   Our design, work, efforts, and knowledge are looking better and better as we know and understand the local communities and their needs and budgets at an intimate level.  We are continuously learning new skills, products and ideas.  I am thankful that they need us now and that we can contribute to making the buildings a beautiful asset to our own communities.

I am reading a social psychology book right now that I am thankful was referred to me along with Steve Jobs biography.   I think the book Situations Matter will make a difference in assisting me in planning and making my work more effective to my community.   I am thankful that I was referred to this fun, easy to read study and can share it with you.

I am thankful my cycling group is looking at 2012 and making some plans for adventures and trips that will keep me in shape and close to the environment I so love to enjoy.

And then I wanted to refer you to a great post about Sustainability and words of support for each of us trying to make the world a better place….I thought this Brightworks  Rejuvenation post was so worth the read.

How about you are you thankful for the start of a new year?  Are you reading something you think we should all add to our list and is helpful to our work?  Any great conferences or learning credits catch your eye?  Looking forward to reading what you want to say.

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Thu, January 5 2012 » Inspiration

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