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Tom at Tioga Summit 2011

Tioga Pass, CA 9,945 ft. to the top From Tom’s Cascades Sierra Cycling Tour 2011

We have completed 2 full years of writing for the Biking Architect and have reached a Summit.  As the primary writer, I have decided I need to put my energies in 2012 into launching my Wise Ears, Professional Listening Services business. As fun as writing here is and making so many new and Green discoveries, there are folks who are doing this full time with full funding and they are making a difference.   I invite you to subscribe to their work and endeavors to keep you in the GREEN.

Brightworks Sustainability Advisors whose job it is to educate and keep people informed. I read every word they put out, it is so good.

SIGHTLINE Daily or Weekly Newsletter  are fabulous updates about everything that is happening in the Pacific Northwest to do with the environment.  Alan During keeps his staff investigating local trends and actions along with writing about all the politics and movements in the area.

So I will not say goodbye, because when cycling season starts again, I am sure we will have some more news and tours to share…and of course when I can afford a new bicycle you will be the first to know!

I am not stopping or quitting, I just need to earn a living so am off to Wise Ears and Listening.

Oh, by the way, I just listened to a young fellow practice his presentation material for Microsoft and he got in….You just may need my services more as a listener!  Come on Over…Check us out.

Thank you for your continued support – you are appreciated.


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Thu, January 12 2012 » Discoveries

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