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Women Know What They Want

Raising Elijah-Protecting our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis The other day I was watching a movie and had arrived at the part where the female and male leads are having a heart to heart conversation about their failed communications during the previous 50 minutes of the reel and the young man says, “What […]

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Wed, May 1 2013 » Reading » No Comments

New Viewing Tower for Westport, WA Marina

Recently, I had the opportunity to design a new viewing tower for the Westport Marina.   The original structure was steel and wood and was disintegrating in the harsh salty environment.  We were addressing the issues of longevity and attempting to create a high point for people to run to in a Tsunami.  Designed like a […]

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Thu, December 1 2011 » Inspiration » No Comments

Walking the Green

I was standing at the very end of a very long line at the grocery store on a busy weekend morning with a cart absolutely full of necessary items.   I try to get all the winter staples taken care of on the October run, so that I will be fully prepared for the holidays and […]

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Thu, November 3 2011 » Inspiration » 1 Comment

Sailing Into Solstice

Bill Sloane took us on a sail boat ride out to Boston Harbor this past week so that I could show our part of Puget Sound – AKA The Salish Sea – to our Danish friends.  Although cloudy with almost no wind, it was one of the most relaxing days we have experienced out on […]

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Thu, June 23 2011 » Discoveries » 2 Comments

Falling Trees

Our neighborhood is busy with tree pruning and removal this year – partly because of so much rain and the problems this is causing for the trees. Our huge evergreen trees drink about 500 gallons of water a day, but will send roots into sewers and buckle the sidewalks getting enough space and fluids.   Our […]

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Thu, June 16 2011 » Discoveries » No Comments

Design with Life in Mind

I just looked at three street trees that have been topped until they look like high end tutu’s. Today is a sunny day and as the sun moves west the trees offer no shade to the front exposure of the duplex they were intended to cool in summer.  The renter was busy on a ladder […]

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Thu, May 19 2011 » Discoveries » 1 Comment