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MILLENNIAL CITY: How a New Generation Can Save the Future ~Dennis Walsh and Glen Hiemstra A BOOK REVIEW

“’The future is not what it used to be.’  Laura Riding and Robert Graves first wrote these words in 1937, but they could have been writing about today.  Here in the second decade of the 21st Century their statement seems prophetic.  The world is not like we expected when we looked ahead to this century, […]

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Fri, August 1 2014 » Reading » No Comments

Solar Energy Amazing Developments and Wind powered Trains

Just check these articles out and see if you are amazed. I know that we have been discussing in our community the many oil trains and Rail Cars which go through our downtown and the increased traffic.   We also witness all the explosions and fire bombs happening in even larger numbers each year.  We know […]

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Wed, May 28 2014 » Discoveries, Inspiration » 1 Comment